Varian-Type Hollow Cathode Lamp ( 37mm or 1.5" Base)

P800 series
1.5" or 37mm Hollow Cathode Lamp

1.5"/37mm Hollow Cathode Lamps are available in a variety of elements. Our uncoded lamps are designed for use with any AAS systems manufactured by: GBC Scientific, Varian, Analytic Jena, Shimadzu, Hitachi,Thermo Jarrel Ash, Unicam, as well as all other makes. Use in Perkin Elmer instruments can also be facilitated with the use of an adaptor kit(P204), however our 51mm Hollow Cathode Lamp’s are recommended for this purprose.

If you require coding it is available for Varian and Thermo/Unicam instruments.Coded lamps can save the operator time as the lamp's element, it's wavelength and other important details can be detected by the instrument. Please note however, that not all instruments are capable of reading data coding, especially with regards to the older generation of instruments. So before ordering coded lamps, please discuss coding for your instrument with one of the ANACON staff.

Perkin-Elmer Type Hollow Cathode Lamp ( 51mm or 2" Base) available in 4-pin, 9-pin or 12 pin configuration

2" or 51mm
2"/51mm Lamps for Perkin Elmer instruments are available in 4-pin, 9-pin and 12-pin. While the 4-pin connection is still available and was designed to be used with the AAnalyst series of Instrument, our Cableless Lumina Range are recommended for this purpose. The 9-pin connection is available for use with the earlier generations of Perkin Elmer Instruments. Finally, the 12-Pin connection is available for the following instruments: SIMAA6000, 5100(PC), 4110, 4100ZL, 3300, 2100, 1100(B).

Perkin-Elmer Type AAnalyst Series Lamps ( 51mm or 2" Base)


These hollow cathode lamps are produced to provide direct use without adapters in all Perkin Elmer AAS instruments. All windows on these lamps are fully fused and contain no “gassy” adhesives which drastically reduce shelf life.

- Totally hermetic glass seals ensures a clean fill gas and cathode for the life of the lamp and most importantly a shelf life longer than 5 years. 
- The application of the same glass cathode shielding technique used in all Photron hollow cathode lamps gives maximum stability and reliability throughout lamp life. 
- Due to the elegantly simple design of the electrode geometry of Photron lamps, less mass is present within the lamp, reducing out gassing and making the lamp more resistant to breakage from lateral shock.

AAnalyst Series Lamp are designed for use with the Perkin Elmer AAnalyst series. Data coding saves the operator time as the instrument is able to detect using the coding the element, wavelength and other essential details from the lamp.